And just as it ends…

I guess something new will begin? Remembering all those years. All that time spent wasted. How utterly heartbreaking. How alone do I feel right now? Pretty alone. I took this friendship seriously. I took your well being seriously. I’m sorry you can’t do the same. I’m sorry that you feel that I hurt you but to be honest it felt like you took a wrecking ball to my chest time and time again. You wore me the fuck out. All those wasted words. All those wasted I love you’s. All those wasted moments where I chose you over others. Over myself. Fuck your words and your heart that doesn’t know how to work at its best. I was tired of you breaking mine. You’ve walked away so easily. With the last word. You walked away with the weight of your actions, you walked away from the one person that actually tried to be your best friend. From day 1. You don’t have this heart in your hands anymore. You’ve lost. I’ve won. Thank you for opening up a space in my universe. Now I think I can let some light in. I’m ready for a sunrise. I’m ready for something new. Something better.


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